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Import and sale of frozen meat

About us

Our company carries out all range of services on offering and further contract escorting of more than 100 kinds of products, including transportation by specialized temperature control means of transport.

Our range of products includes:

  • frozen meat products (beef, pork, chicken, turkey) of famous world brands.
    produced in the United States, Canada, Brazil, including a number of European producers, as well as CIS - Ukraine.
  • canned corn in - «DELICITA»
  • canned peas and peas in glass jars - «DELICITA»
  • tomato paste in glass jars «DELICITA»
  • frozen meat products «ЛЕГКО»
  • frozen fish
  • meat and fish preserves

Our vehicles can transport any quantity of goods, be it large volumes and small lots. We have a fleet of special vehicles with a load capacity of 500 kg to 20 tons.

The services are performed by 2 our representative offices in Chisinau.

We provide our services to the whole network of supermarkets: FOURCHETTE, GREEN HILLS, METRO CASH & CARRY, Nr.1. and others.

The largest producers of meat products:CARMEZ, BASSARABIA NORD, HARVIT PRO,MEAT HOUSE,DEBUT SOR,MAVITA and others are our regular customers over the years.

Our customers (more than 1500 partners) can always get complete information from our experts about the current range of products and any changes in the pricing policy. You will always be rendered the information on the scheduled dates of dispatch, shipment and arrival of the goods at the destination.

Our company takes the responsibility for cargo transportation throughout the route, thereby freeing clients from many problems and additional expenses.

Why choosing our company?


FLEXIBILITY. The policies of our company allow us care about all our clients’ needs and concerns.

RELIABILITY. Reliability in all respects. Accessible acceptance of orders and competent execution of documents in accordance with all applicable legal acts, transportation of the cargo to the final destination.

RESPONSIBILITY. We are responsible not only for our words, but also for the products provided. This is one of the factors of reliability, manifested by the liability for the cargo and its proper storage, tracking and control of cargo at any stage of its route.

ADVANTAGEOUS PRICES. As a direct representative of the importer, we can offer the price convenient to our partner. This is another example of our FLEXIBILITY, allowing the client to choose the most money-saving payment option for any item and volume.

OWN SPECIALIZED CAR FLEET. This is clear to anyone who has ever used the services of road haulers or has used his own transport.

Delivery to any point in Moldova at favorable prices, and namely: YOU PAY ONLY FOR THE FUEL!

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY. The flexibility and reliability factor is based on the use of advanced technology and continuous improvement of business process software. This allows us not only “to keep the finger on the pulse” online, but also to be ahead of the whole market of services providing YOU with qualitative products.

Our partners

One of the most important directions of MMD Group is the import of meat products into the Republic of Moldova. Our suppliers are the leading producers and trading companies from Europe, Canada, the United States, Latin America, and Ukraine. We have direct contracts with the producers, which enables us to provide our customers with high quality products at competitive prices. The company pays utmost attention to the quality of the products offered, and strives to satisfy its customers’ preferences. Optimal price/quality ratio has increased the confidence of the consumers of the Republic of Moldova in our products.

The advantages of our company are evident.
It is the experience of working on this market, professional team of specialists, flexible approach to the customers’ needs and wishes, the convenient, optimal routes and ways of conveyance, all these factors lead to a better " price+quality" combination.