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Following the decision to invest in agriculture and in cooperation with the agricultural company “Expedition-Agro” and “TheFactory for Canned Baby Food”, there has been founded the enterprise on growing and processing of agricultural products. The company acquired irrigation systems manufactured by the American company “Pierce” and the Russian firm “Raduga Kuban”, two Ploeger Pea Combine Harvesters and one Pixell Corn Combine Harvester.

The company purchased for the factory the processing and conservation lines for green peas (Hungary) and sweet corn (Slovakia). The first season and the quality of the products have shown that we are on the right way. Our own raw material base allows us to be independent from the vendors; the product quality is improved through well-functioning field-factory actions. The first products was delicious and of high quality. The advanced technology together with the old Soviet school of production was of great importance.

In 2011, the company has lunched the production of frozen products. In this respect, the company has acquired the quick freezing unit of the Swedish company “Frigoscandia”, with a capacity of 5 tons per hour of finished products and the compressor section has been fully renovated. The effective temperatures in Slobozia district offer the possibility to produce delicious, sweet peas and corn, and the irrigation provides a guaranteed yield. The location of the irrigated areas is the most favorable for the cultivation of green peas and sweet corn in this region, and not only! The planned production capacity is of 3-4 thousand tons of frozen products a year. The agricultural company “Expedition-Agro” also produces the whole range of cereals and oil-bearing crops: wheat, barley, peas, chickpeas, sunflower, rapeseed, mustard, flax.

In 2012, the company produced 1000 tons of frozen sweet corn, 1000 tons of frozen green peas. The products are packed according to customer’s request, in 25 kg sack bag 10 kg carton box with liner, 2.5 kg bag*4 in 10 kg carton box.

In 2014 we plan to grow and produce green beans.

The “DELICITA” brand has been especially developed to represent our products on the territory of the Republic of Moldova:

• Canned green peas

• Canned sweet corn

• Tomato paste

• Canned Beans

The brand has been registered by the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova (AGEPI).

The results of the year 2012

In 2012, we have planted marrowfat green peas.

The supplier of seeds is the Seminis Vegetable Seeds Company (Holland).

The selected varieties of peas in terms of maturation helped organize uninterrupted work of the factory on conservation and freezing. The raw material of greens peas grown has been canned by the factory into 425-gram cans, 480-gram and 720-gram glass jars with a twist-off type lids. Total production amounted to about 1 million cans/jars.

A separate position is the production of quick frozen peas. In 2012, the volume of frozen peas reached 1000 tons.
In 2011, there has been developed the technology of growing and preserving sugar corn. In the current 2012 year, the company has put emphasis on the super sweet and sweet corn varieties. The main supplier of seed are the companies Syngenta SeedsVegetables and Seminis vegetable seeds. Only traditional varieties (not genetically modified) have been used for sowing. The frozen corn in a volume of 1500 tons is presented mainly by GSS1477, Overland (GSS3287), Mercury varieties.
The products are sold in different countries, such as: Ukraine, Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Greece.

At present the factory produces tomato paste and plans to produce canned beans.